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mrbeanhimself asked:

I saw that uvula piercing. It is interesting indeed. I just wonder though, you need close to no gag reflex to have it there? Are you considering taking one by the way?

Yeah. I was thinking that too, but actually piercing through it I’m not sure if that would make you gag. Technically rubbing your uvula a couple times does. I might get it somedayy :)

lexigrr asked:

how long have you had it for? i'm planning on getting it done but i'm bummed about all this i'm hearing about them rejecting

Few months, I think as long as you’re really careful, it’ll be ok. For at least a year. Don’t touch it while it’s healing, careful of snagging (don’t really know what could snag on that??) and I think you’ll be ok :’)

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